After the creation of development environment your setup fulfills the Shopware 6 requirements. If you choose to Docker installation follow these steps to install Shopware 6 in Ubuntu.


Per default the development template has shopware/platform in the version dev-master as requirement in its composer.json file. This always corresponds to the latest commit on the master branch on GitHub.

# Clone the development template
$ git clone
$ cd development

#Clone the platform code manually
$ rm -rf platform
$ git clone

Normally, Shopware platform code would be placed into a vendor/shopware/platform directory where you don’t want to change any code. Thus we’ve cloned platform manually to work with code itself. Otherwise IDEs would have prevent you for changing any code in the vendor directory.

Docker Installation

Docker installation is the easiest way to get a running Shopware 6 and can be set with three lines of following code.

# Build and start the container
$ ./psh.phar docker:start

# Access the application container
$ ./psh.phar docker:ssh

# Execute the installer inside the application container 
$ ./psh.phar install

This may take a while since many caches need to be generated on first execution, but only on first execution.

Check http://localhost:8000/ to be sure that installation succeeded.

Have fun!


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