Shopware Community Day 2020 held online as 2-day digital event this year due to corona virus pandemic. Second day is designed specifically for the developers in Shopware community about Shopware’s core and latest technical developments.

Shopware Means Community

Niklas Dzösch (Shopware Developer Evangelist) was the moderator of second day and highlighted the importance of community, contributions, passion and tools. He talked about future of community and future of tools that developers use.

Make Contributions Great Again! One of the biggest change going to effect developer community is maybe the replacement of Gitter by Slack (chat tool) for communication. Of course, Slack is a private chat platform and search engines don’t index it. Stack Overflow will be an important platform for community. Why? Because if there is some knowledge that should be preserved then it will be transferred to Stack Overflow and search engines will index it. Therefore knowledge will be preserved and users will get some points by their questions and answers.

Understanding Shopware 6

Getting started with Shopware 6 might be challenging as it introduces many new concepts and follows a completely new architecture. Jonas Elfering had a presentation of overview the components of Shopware 6 is composed of and how they integrate. Shopware platform is a bundle of shopware/core, shopware/administration and shopware/storefront. Shopware 6 is designed API first and it is headless e-commerce. Shopware has Admin API, Sales-Channel API, Sync API and new Store API (similar to Sales-Channel API). Therefore Shopware is highly adaptable, customizable, popular open source tech stack.

New Shopware 6 APP System

Shopware cloud comes a new way to extend Shopware 6 and its not just cloud only. What is the difference between Shopware theme, plugin and app?

  • Plugins: A code extension that runs exclusively in the self-hosted (onPrem) variant of Shopware (Shopware 4, Shopware 5, Shopware 6).
  • Apps: A new type of extension system that runs in both the self-hosted and cloud variants of Shopware 6.
  • Themes: Provide a new design for the Shopware 6 storefront. Will be delivered either as an app or as a plugin

Christian Rades (Shopware Developer) made a demonstration of an APP development which is basically a pick list.

Other SCD20 Developer Day Topics

Dominic Klein introduced the new Shopware Store API, Stephan Pohl and Sebastian Seggewiß presented a quick start in 5 minutes to develop easily a Shopware plugin like “from zero to hero”. Pierre Joye demonstrated a Vue.js frontend with 30+ Chrome tabs (: Another hot topic of this years SCD was PWA (Progressive Web Applications) and Shopware PWA introduced by Dominic Klein and Patryk Tomczyk (Vue Storefront). Followed by presentation about testing processes by Ramona Schwering and Jan Philipp Pietrzyk.

Don’t fear the docker:

Christian Dangl (dasistweb) introduced an open source project called dockware. It allows you to run and explore any Shopware 6 version within minutes locally in docker. And yes, it works on Windows, Linux, Mac and as they stated in webpage: “works even on your machine”. One quick note, you’ll have to use SFTP with dockware and it’s kind of slow and not favorite.

Tell me about your development environment in comments! Personally, I prefer docker on ubuntu 20.04 (latest available at time) and its quite fast and easy once you’ve setup the environment correctly. If you prefer Windows as OS you may use Vagrant, WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux) or dockware and maybe even WAMP. I know many Mac users prefers MAMP for development.

Those were two exciting days and I’m so happy for taking part in the first-ever digital Shopware Community Day. I already look forward to attending #SCD21.

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